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About Us

The Dental Care Access Foundation was formed by local dentists in our community attempting to help ease the emergency room visits of individuals with dental pain, infection and swelling.

We partner with local area dentists and specialists across our tri-county area to take one or two patients a month in their private practices to help patients suffering from emergencies. We utilize volunteers under the protection of the State of Florida Department of Health Volunteer Health Care Provider Program.


We create awareness of dental infections, and how infections can affect an individual's overall health.  We focus on educating children on the importance of oral hygiene and prevention of tooth decay by targeting at risk communities across Central Florida.  We provide oral hygiene education and prevention to children in elementary schools and provide toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss and fluoride varnish.
We provide continuing education credit for volunteers equivalent to one credit for one hour of volunteerism. This applies to volunteerism in your office as well as events and volunteerism in our outlying clinics, events and schools.

Board Members

To learn more about our board members, click their pictures below.

Our community emergency dental needs are still not being met. Local hospitals are inundated with patients needing antibiotics and sent home to get an exam by a dentist. Many of these patients lack the funds to pay for visits without insurance and the infection eventually comes back.


Since 2005, our volunteers at the Dental Care Access Foundation has helped over 12,000 patients donating over $11M in free emergency dental care and preventative services through private practice volunteerism, events and outlying clinics.

Help us continue our mission and receive continuing education credits while you volunteer.

We are in need of dentists, specialists, hygienists and assistants.


To learn more about how you can volunteer with us, contact us here.

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