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Join the helping hands in our community helping others access dental treatment and prevention.  We need Dentists, Assistants, Hygienists and students seeking a career in the dental fields.


Dentists can volunteer in their private practices, at donated dental clinic sites, at local public schools and community events including the Back to School Bash(s) in the tri-county area and at Grace Medical Home Dental Center.  You are welcome to invite your assistants and hygienists to join you.  Sovereign Immunity protects your license while you donate your time.


School nurses, teachers, prinicpals, administrators and staff participate in our OCPS fluoride event days. We depend on you for your leadership and knowledge of individual student needs.  We also educate you on and invite you to join in the fun observing our one on one oral hygiene education experiences with each individual student.  

You can help us identify students in need! To find out more on how your school can participate, please contact Julie Grimm at 407-898-1525. 



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