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Official website of the Dental Care Access Foundation

Our Mission

The Mission of the Dental Care Access Foundation is to provide quality dental care to the low-income, uninsured in our community by recruiting dental volunteers and coordinating care with new, existing agencies and volunteers providing urgent, restorative and preventative care to those in need. ​

How to Help

The Foundation is always seeking dental professionals to volunteer at our children and adult dental outreach events, oral hygiene and fluoride events, or in private practice. We also seek out individuals, corporations, and other non-profit companies to donate funding or partner in events with supplies or volunteers.

There are many individuals who lack access to care who are suffering from health complications and need urgent dental extractions and treatment to access medical care like chemotherapy, radiation, transplants and more.


This Foundation links patients to volunteer providers in the community to access timely, quality care.  


You can give back to others in need by simply lending a hand where needed.  Whether you are a dentist, assistant, hygienist or dental student, we need you.  Continuing education credit is available.


Join us in helping others become educated on the importance or oral health care, provide timely pain relief and create access to preventative dental care. 


Find out how you can participate

Take a Look at Our Projects


Children's Preventative Dental Care Initiative via OCPS

Community Events

Adult Dental Events

Kid's Smiles

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